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Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Scam Prevention Group Discusses When Time Shares Become a Scam

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club scam prevention group alerts you about the possible scams prevailing in the area.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club scam prevention group alerts you about the possible scams prevailing in the area.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club scam prevention group knows that the idea of timeshares is a good one. People can buy a place that they can take a vacation to as often as they want. There are many great timeshares around and millions of people have used them for a wonderful vacation. There are also many timeshare scams that people need to be aware of.

The first and most obvious scam involving time shares is when people pay for a time share that does not exist. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club scam prevention group understands that by the time that an individual finds out they have been cheated; the con artist is long gone.

There are also people who sell time shares by offering people a free stay at a time share. They are willing to put up the traveler at no monetary cost, but it is far from free. The traveler will have to sit through a sales pitch to sell them the time share. It is not always easy to walk away from the sales pitch. The traveler feels like they owe something since they are staying for free. If they are not careful, they could find that they have bought a time share without realizing it.

Scam squads sell the time shares using high pressure tactics and confusion. They will get people to sign something that may look like it is no big deal, but could turn into a legal agreement to buy a time share.

It is okay to take advantage of the time share free vacations. You need to be aware that it is a sales pitch and you will be faced with high pressure tactics Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Scam Prevention Group recommends that you do not ever sign anything. If they insist, walk away. It is the only way to be safe.

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Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Reveals Common Pickpocket Scams

Do not get caught unaware by pickpockets.

Do not get caught unaware by pickpockets.

The Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Scam Prevention Team knows for anyone traveling, one of the top concerns is holding on to all the possessions that you came on your trip with. This is no easy feat when there are a lot of different variables involved during your travels, including airline luggage handlers, being in crowded places, or where it’s not always easy to keep tabs on your stuff.

But it is important to be aware of some of the common places that pickpockets target people. One of the top spots that this seems to occur is in crowded airport terminals or train stations. Try to keep things in your front pockets in order to avoid your phone or wallet being snaked out behind your back when you aren’t looking. And of course, rides on crowded city buses or trains are also the perfect opportunity for them to target you, since people often have to stand in close proximity to each other.

There is also another version of pickpocketing, called the getaway taxi scam. Whenever you arrive at your hotel from the airport, a frazzled taxi driver will collect your fare money and take your bags out of the trunk for you. He will jump in the cab and drive away before you realize you don’t have all of your bags.

The Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Scam Prevention Team knows that no matter where you are, it’s important to keep you guard up. When you are not at your most alert state is when these scam artists tend to strike.

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Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Warns About Tour Scams

The Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club scam prevention group knows that travelers want to see all there’s to see in a site while on vacation. They make the effort to visit popular attractions and take tours of great locations.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club scam prevention group also knows that if you are a traveler who really enjoys taking tours and being guided through local hotspots it may seem very tempting to take someone up on a free tour, but if you do, you may fall victim to a scam.

There is a common scam that happens to travelers where a driver will offer to take the guest to a shop or manufacturing house where they can take in a free tour. If the person takes them up on this tour, they will then be taken to a location that is very far out of town where they are unlikely to find a way home other than the driver who brought them there. Then, the driver will tell them that in order to be taken back to their hotel or resort, they must buy something from the location, or be left stranded.

Before you go anywhere, know where you are going, and what is needed to visit there. Also make sure that you have an alternate way to get home in case a problem like this arises, that way, you can simply refuse the driver, and fall back on your plan B. Also, do not take anyone word without doing some research of your own so that you can know for sure that the offer is or is not legitimate.

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Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club Gives Advice on How to Make Sure Your Taxi Ride is a Safe One

Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club Scam Squad understands that when individuals are traveling from airport to their hotels, they often turn to a taxi as their preferred method of transportation. If you require a way to get around town, then using a taxi might be the best choice. It is important that people realize that the taxis in most cities are regulated. The drivers are required to possess unique licenses and permits and the amount they can charge people riding in their cab is regulated.

These steps are taken in order to protect travelers and anyone that uses a taxi from being taken advantage of. If a traveler is not cautious, they could still become a victim of a taxi cab scam. Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club Scam Squad members are aware that one of the most common scams involving taxis is when a taxi isn’t licensed. There are plenty of people who are prepared to take travelers for a ride, but they might not all be so honest. If they are not truly taxi drivers, they could take advantage of the individuals that use their services. There are particular things to take into account when searching for legitimate taxi drivers.

1. Look for the license
A cab should have its taxi license posted exactly where it is visible for the passengers. It might also include a photo of the driver that ought to match. If this is not the case in the taxi you get into, find an additional one.

2. Drivers will troll the airports searching for fares
They’ll approach individuals within the airport and ask if they need a ride. Most taxi drivers at airports wait at the taxi stand for their fares and will not approach people to offer a ride. In the event you believe the vehicle you are in is not a reputable taxi, get out and find an additional one just in case advises the Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club Scam Squad .

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